As much as I bring a design sensibility into ad campaigns I also bring conceptual thinking into design projects.


Branding & Experiential
At Verizon

Verizon puts together a yearly confernce to get marketers to look at the world ahead so they can pioneer the future of the brand. Starting with naming we created the brand from the ground up. It invites attendees to take personal ownership in their own role into helping Verizon lead the future. However, not without a wink at every touchpoint.

St. Regis x Jazz at Lincoln Center

Album Art / Typography

Curated by Wynton Marsalis
At Starwood in-house
To tell St. Regis' little known history as a legendary New York Jazz venue, I came up with brass instruments out of pieces of type to take you through that story. Can you tell what letters I’ve used for each instrument.


Brand refresh & Packaging
At 321.Studio

Hoegaarden's recipe was a highly creative breakthrough when it was first created by monks in Beligum. To refresh the brand we sought to bring this beer's original spirit of creativity and openness to life in a complete brand repositioning: The Gaarden is Open.


Branding / Creative Direction / Packaging
At Badger & Winters

Indigo is Canada’s largest bookstore, who repositioned themselves as a cultural emporium.

We created a new identity and packaging program through the lens of the “modern romantic”.

Each piece works as a special little memento that celebrates life’s best moments by surprising and inspiring. All rooted in !ndigo’s heritage in books and literature.


Branding / Logo / Type Design
At Arnell Group
Peapod was Chrysler's short-lived electric car. I designed the friendly brand identity to bring to life the car’s friendly personality and resemble peas in a pod.

Leadeship Edge

Branding and Experiential
At Verizon
I commited heresy. To brand Leadership Edge, Verizon’s internal executive conference. I mutilated our most iconic asset. Turns out by shedding that “tail”, we didn’t lose something. We helped Verizon leadership find new meaning in it.

It’s more than about getting things done, now it’s also about moving forward. It’s more than building a strong network, it’s about building the cutting edge.