Disney+ Your Flight
Product Innovation, Strategic Partnership 
for Disney+ & Verizon

Creative direction
At Verizon

Flying is chaos. When you finally sit down at the gate just minutes before boarding, you realize you never dowloaded any movies to watch on your flight. That’s the perfect moment to show off the power of Verizon 5G.

Connect to our network and Disney+ Your Flight will generate a unique playlist with movies and shows to last your exact flight time. Download it all in just seconds and get ready to board with a few friends.

OOH at select gates invites travellers to connect to our specially installed 5G network and get a taste of Verizon 5G. No 5G phone or Verizon account necessary – with the help of our engineers*, we’ve hacked proprietary tech to deliver this experience.

* One of the benefits of working in-house ;)

Once connected, learn about Verizon 5G Flash Loading and enter your flight number. 

A “Disney+ Your Flight” page on the Disney+ App suggests a unique playlist to last exactly the duration of your flight time, presenting a selection based on your watching history and destination.

Witness the power of 5G by seeing a flight time’s worth of content getting downloaded in just seconds. Now relax and enjoy your flight.