Digital Gaia
Brand Identity dot com for a green economy startup at the pre-funding stage.

Digital Gaia is creating a marketplace for the regenerative economy. Its engine boosts transparency and credibility, fast-tracking funding for on-the-ground projects—think S&P ratings for Carbon Credits.

I helped simplify their complex story evoking scale, actionability and optimism in an otherwise esoteric space.

The green tech space:

Fluff and a highly green-washed space.

Tech-centric / Esoteric / “Green”

DG Color Story:

The Graphic Language:


A brutally minimalist style that boils information down to its core elements. It brings to life a let’s get to work attitude — without losing touch with a sense of humanity and thoughtful design.

An introduction to potential partners and VCs to DG's tech, showcasing its transformational impact from funding to on-the-ground projects and back.